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Hiking Trails of the Oregon Coast

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area - National Park

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area extends out from the Oregon coast, one mile into the Pacific Ocean. At the westernmost point of the basalt headland, the Yaquina Head lighthouse has been in operation since August 20, 1873

The offshore islands are a year-round refuge for harbor seals and a spring-summer home for thousands of nesting seabirds. Gray whales can be spotted during their annual migrations to Mexico (late fall-early winter) and Alaska (late winter-early spring). During the summer months some gray whales take the opportunity to feed in the shallow waters around the headland.

Cobble Beach is covered with millions of round basalt rocks that clack like clapping hands as the waves roll in. At low tide the ocean floor is revealed with pools of colorful animals including orange sea stars, purple sea urchins, and giant green anemones. Rangers are available to answer your questions and point out the amazing plants and animals that call the tide pools home.

At the Interpretive Center you will discover 140 years of lighthouse history and thousands of years of natural and cultural history.

Gift shop.

Historic operational lighthouse can be toured.

Entrance Fees for motorized vehicles
Free for each visitor entering by foot, bike, roller skates, etc.

Trails of Yaquina Head

Lighthouse Trail

Length: .33m/0.5k - Difficulty: Easy - Other: Handicap Accessible - Fees: Yes
Description: This trail takes you along the western edge of the headland to the historic lighthouse watch for harbor seals sunning on the rocks.

Cobble Beach

Difficulty: Moderate difficult steep steps - Fees: Yes
Description: Stairs end on a beach of cobble stones which took 14 million years to build. NO collecting, please.

Salal Hill Trail

Length: .25m/0.4 - Difficulty: Moderate - Fees: Yes
Description: Great views and springtime wildflowers.

Communications Hill Trail

Difficulty: Moderate - Fees: Yes
Description: Fifteen minute walk each way on a gravel road presents shore pine and Sitka spruce forest.

Quarry Cove Trail

Difficulty: Moderate - Fees: Yes
Description: Terrific views on this trail which connects to the Ocean Bluff Observation Area and Quarry Cove Tide Pools Trail. The Tide pool trail is within the intertidal area so low tide is the best time to walk here.

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Yaquia Head
Yaquia Head Trails

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